The Same kind of Broken (The story behind the slogan)

New ET7 (2)

I was searching for something new and inspiring when I came across Jason Castro and Moriah Peters’ “Same kind of Broken”. In this song, they talked about how humans all over the world, regardless of their colour or nationality, if closely examined could be the same case of earth’s victimization. To them, humans all have the same kind of problems, and probably just being human (Man or Woman) is what makes you vulnerable to these problems.

Once upon a time, there was a very powerful king. He didn’t have to gain His power, because every other being was created by Him. He had a Son, an only son. A very vital part of Him that He adored with His entirety. This Son fell in love with an offender (Human) that was doomed for the lake of fire, so He did something unimaginable; He took her place. Because He carried the sin of human, He faced the wrath of His beloved Father. He was brutally mutilated and then sent to the lake of fire.

You know, at a time He imagined that just probably, He could have made a wrong decision. He even begged His father to make it stop, but the human sin caused His Father to turn His back on His adored son.

He was murdered by the very ones He came to save. What’s even worse is that even after all He has been through, not everyone really cares.

He has constantly continued to woo her with mystical grandeurs He decorated the world she lives in yet, even the tiniest moment of recognition has been denied Him from most of her.

As Jesus, He was human and I think that He too caught that vulnerability to an extent and like every human, also had earth problems. (Although His Godly instincts caused Him to prevail every time) So maybe He does understand, like I might, because He too was human once. So if He says He can help, I’ll believe with all my heart, because I’ll rather stick with a God that became human and had to die just so that He could save us. (Yes, I’m also human)

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