Mysteries every where (You carry them too)

New ET8 (2)

Do you ever wonder why and how there is a you? Why your story is exactly what it is and not something else? Why there are also millions or billions of beings as you? Why although we call ourselves humans, yet no one is the same with the other? (Not even identical twins) Why Africans have really coloured skin? Why Asians think they’re yellow? Why America is the melting pot? Why no one’s story is the same, yet everyone has a story to tell?

Why the sky is black at night and blue at day? Why some places freeze and others don’t? Where rain bow comes from? Why birds sing and hyenas laugh? Why a parrot can speak and a dog can be a best friend?

Why babies are so adorable? Why flowers are so lovely and associated with girls? Why the waves are angry or very excited? Why you can only feel the wind and not see it? Why the trees dance when the wind passes? Why the sun burns? Why the moon and the stars are so big and still look very small? Why nature is never boring?

Why new things and ideas are being discovered every day? Why love feels the way it does? What happens when we die? Why God made man in His own Image and put him in charge of everything?

Well, I think about these things all the time and when people argue about God’s existence, it makes me wonder if they also think of these things. If they do, then they’ll somehow see the hidden message in all of these mysteries.

It goes something like this: I am God and I’ve made all of these things to awe you. You may never understand, but I hope you love them, because I think they’re very good. I do exist and hope that one day you’ll realize this. Can’t wait to start a personal relationship with you. Just so you know, I put mysteries in you too and that is why you were made in My very own Image. You’re amazing, I love you.

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