Even in your worst moment, give thanks

New ET4 (2)

Sometimes you feel like you’re having the worst moment that could ever be, but then you remember other worst moments you had before this worst moment, and how miraculously each one turned out to be not that worst a moment.

You remember the lessons you learnt and the good that came out of them and awkwardly, you bow your head and say a little thank you, because sincerely, you were glad those moments happened.

You know, very soon you’ll remember this worst moment too, and it’ll feel just like the other worst moments before it. So, just like in our little discovery, you’ll still end up giving thanks for it in the nearest future. Why not start now?

If I can only remember that my worst moments will turn out with pleasant results eventually, I think I’ll prefer to spend it giving thanks, than worrying; busy doing nothing.   

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