What do you really want?

New ET14 (2)

Most times when I ask God for something, I just don’t ask it, I’m very precise about it, unless I don’t really know when I want it; like a husband, a family, my organization (you get the point), or how I want it; like my education.

I discovered it’s one way to know that God really does hear and answers our prayers. Also, I think it pleases God because we’re actually exercising our faith in Him. The most difficult part in this is being expectant.

You have to not just act, but be expectant. This is taking the bold step; like building a 300 cubit long, 50 cubit wide and 30 cubit high boat on dry land.
It may seem difficult, but it could be easier in your attempt to trust in God, because now, you only have to wait and see His mighty works.

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