I’m doing what I want (REALLY?)

New ET12 (2)

After a long discussion about my life activities, I was asked if I wasn’t allowed to do what I wanted.

I’m a bit passed 21, and my parents are almost half way around the other side of the world; how can I not be doing what I wanted? (Not like they have a NASA satellite on my daily activities)

Anyways, I figured that society already set out a kind of life style that fits the “I can do whatever I want to do” kind of lifestyle. The sad truth is, not everyone cares about this kind of lifestyle.

Most people want to fit into the “independent adult that can do whatever they want to do” role, but end up being controlled by society.

So, I don’t go out and party till dawn on Friday nights,

I don’t drink alcohol, smoke or do one night stands,

I don’t date for fun (or for experience) or wear clothing with sex appeal.

Why can’t I fit into the “I can do whatever I want” lifestyle?

I should be able to do what I want and not do what I don’t, because I have my conscience to satisfy, and not just to attain some acceptable societal status.

To me, if you cannot stand for what you believe in, then you’re not as independent as you think.

And no, you’re not doing what you want; you’re doing what society wants.

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